We believe that everyone has the power to create change. 

At Impact People and Change, we work with you to harness that power. 

We are an award-winning consultancy, dedicated to delivering real social impact.

Lead by Natasha Chadwick, an inspiring and experienced people professional who has made a difference to the lives of hundreds of people across her career.  

We enable leaders and managers in small businesses and charities to maximise impact in the community through their people, by delivering coaching, workshops and development programmes. 

We also enable young people to develop skills for the world of work, through our mentoring programme.

We pride ourselves on delivering impact through high levels of engagement and energy. All our programmes are interactive, action-focused and supported by reflective learning so that the skill development continues once you get back to work.

Through our development programmes and workshops you will:

      • Build a sense of shared purpose
      • Develop a greater awareness of your strengths 
      • Gain tools and techniques to deliver impact immediately
      • Discover how action learning can support ongoing development

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What we do

Developing people

Enabling business leaders and teams to realise their potential, through our coaching and development programmes.

Creating change

Delivering programmes that tackle unemployment and promote social action.

Our vision and mission

Our vision is to be your partner of choice in developing your leaders and teams to create social impact.

Our mission is to make a positive difference to as many lives as possible by delivering sustainable change.

The world around us is changing.  The Covid-19 pandemic has disproportionately impacted young people and women at work. It has encouraged people to re-consider their contribution at work and in the community.  What we need for a sustainable future is action! 

We want to contribute to a world where businesses are known for providing growth opportunities for their people.  A world where everyone realises their potential.  And a world where everyone plays their part in creating change – no matter how small.

We are striving to do this by:

  • Enabling small businesses and charities to maximise impact by developing great people
  • Acting as a catalyst for businesses to make a positive contribution in their community
  • Inspiring young people to find their way in the world of work and grow as active citizens
  • Developing leaders and managers through one-to-one coaching and new and aspiring manager training
  • Raising awareness of how you can benefit from access to, and our direct delivery of, mentoring and work placement programmes. 

Work With Us

For the leaders of small businesses or charities

Explore how we can support you to deliver more impact through your people through our development programmes here.

To enable young people to develop confidence and clarity to enter the world of work

Gain or offer experience and insight into careers in the social sector by signing up to our mentoring programme here.

Our strategic priorities 2022-23

  1. To support new and aspiring managers to develop their skills in creating impact in the community by growing our Aspire Network.


  2. To play our part in tackling social issues, through establishing our mentoring programme and social action workshops for young people and small businesses

What people say about us

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